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Sandy Hilton & Sarah Haag - Pelvic pain
Diane Jacobs - Dermoneuromodulation
Todd Hargrove - Movement and pain
Kjartan Vibe Fersum - Cognitive functional therapy
Bronnie Lennox Thompson - The psychology of pain

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Presentations that are currently in the members area:

Alison Sim
Pain Education

Dr. Bronnie Lennox Thompson
Integrating psychosocial management into daily practice without stepping over your professional scope of practice.

Dr. Gregory Lehman
"Part 1: When biomechanics matters"
"Part 2: The three faces of flexion"

Lars Avemarie
"Part 1: The prevalent pain models and beyond"
"Part 2: Modulation of pain and pain processing"

Ben Cormack
"Part 1: Moving in relation to CNS and pain"
"Part 2: Moving in relation to CNS and pain"

Sandy Hilton & Sarah Haag
"Pelvic pain, what it is and what to do about it"


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